Effective Ways of Japanese Knotweed Removal

Japanese knotweed is an invasive plant species that can take over your whole garden. It is a large plant, native to East Asia that is known by a number of names. Its bamboo-like appearance combined with their towering height (up to 4 m) makes it not only aesthetically displeasing but it can also ruin the whole ambiance of your landscape. Their structure is such that the longer they are left to grow, the harder and more arduous their removal becomes, thus Japanese knotweed removal depends upon how quickly the problem is addressed.

Understanding is the Key to Removal

It is not enough to simply pick up a shovel and start digging to remove this weed. For complete Japanese knotweed removal, it is important to understand the plant itself. This plant does not only has a sturdy appearance, it spreading a big complex underground network of roots that aids in its growth.

If the plant has attained medium or full growth then weakening and killing the roots might take several years as the roots can grow as far as 7-feet underground. Novice gardeners might think the job done by simply chopping down the growth, but this will only provide a temporary solution to a very long-term problem.

Take Preventive Measures

Before this plant becomes a giant problem, gardeners and homeowners can take steps to ensure that Japanese knotweed removal does not become a major headache for them later. Japanese knotweed is easily detectable in its early stages, which is the ideal time to take control of the plant. At this stage, it is possible to simply pull out the plant and its root, before the roots get time to dig deep into the ground.

To avoid further growth, it is strongly recommended to let the plant completely dry out before burning it. Another preventative measure that homeowners can take is to be vigilant of the vegetation growth on the area surrounding their property. In case of any Japanese knotweed sighting, steps can be taken to ensure that they do not encroach your property line.

Chemical Aid

It certain cases, Japanese knotweed removal might require the aid of chemicals to weaken the root. Glyphosate-based weed killers come highly recommended in permanent Japanese knotweed removal for those who want to undertake this exercise themselves. However, for a quicker removal and if your weed problem has gotten out of hand, professional services can also be engaged.

Not only will they make sure that the weed has been removed completely, they have access to stronger chemicals that can solve the issue much more quickly as well.