How Solar energy can help your Family

Money saving has never been more important than now, for both businesses and individuals, but what can be done to try and maximise savings? Alternative energy generation is one way and there are numerous uses for solar energy in and around your home. This answer the question of how solar energy can be used! As the global focus shifts towards alternative energy sources to alleviate the pressure on dwindling natural resources, it is up to us as individuals to make positive changes that can help relieve some of the increasing demand for electricity. Using batteries for solar storage is the way to go.

One of the biggest trends in the UK currently is the installation of solar photovoltaic and thermal panels to harness solar energy and use batteries for solar storage. These panels convert sunlight into electricity to be utilised at home for a variety of things. “Creating” your own electricity will not only reduce your dependence on the national grid, but you could even make money from it. The UK Government’s feed-in tariff (FIT) encourages homeowners to make use of solar PV panels to generate their own electricity by guaranteeing payments for 25 years.

A fantastic use of solar energy is powering your holiday home with solar panels. These buildings often spend the majority of the year empty and by installing a solar PV system holiday home owner will be able to minimise, if not completely eliminate the need to use the national supply of electricity whilst on holiday.

Around your home, there are a number of uses for solar energy, including heating a pool. Although swimming pools may not be as widespread in the UK as in other, warmer, parts of the world, if you do have a swimming pool and would like it heated, solar energy does a fantastic job of keeping the water at the temperature of your choice.

You can also power your home’s lighting and water systems with solar thermal panels. Heating up a boiler uses a considerable amount of energy and electricity, but with a good solar thermal system and batteries for solar storage, you could potentially save yourself a lot of money by making use of your own electricity as opposed to electricity from the national grid. This heating can also be used to warm your indoor radiators and underfloor heating, making your home’s carbon footprint even smaller.

Solar energy can also be used to power appliances in and around your home and with enough solar panels, you could take a big step towards eliminating your reliance on national energy suppliers. These systems not only provide the potential to make money but offer money-saving benefits at the same time. Why not use solar energy and take a step in the right, environmentally friendly direction.